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"First Lie Wins" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"First Lie Wins," by Ashley Elston, is a fast-paced thriller that will leave readers questioning everything and everyone.  

The book's protagonist, Evie Porter, is good at what she does. Her boss, Mr. Smith, gives her a new identity and she must throw herself into the role and learn all she can about the target so that she can do Mr. Smith's bidding. 

Evie's new target, Ryan Sumner, is different. As Evie slips into the role of Ryan’s new girlfriend, Evie is given the taste of a normal life, which she is yearning for. Ryan, however, is not as innocent as he appears to be.

Ryan seems to have his own secrets which makes this job different for Evie, and that is a problem because Mr. Smith has made it clear that there is no room for errors after the last time. There is no room for more mistakes—another mistake could cost Evie her life. 

Evie longs to get out of the con-work she’s involved in, but that goal becomes complicated after she meets Lucca, a woman who’s using an identify that further complicates Evie’s job. The stakes are high, and Evie must be able to out-con the ultimate con-man. 

Readers will struggle to put this book down as the plot thickens. “First Lie Wins” is filled with plot twists and juicy secrets. Readers will want to pick this book up immediately! 


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