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"Falling" | Reviewed by Chris Stuckenschneider

True to life experiences went into the new thriller “Falling” a riveting time-stealer about an ill-fated flight in which the pilot faces decisions no one should have to make. Debut author T. J. Newman, a former stewardess, wrote the novel, a riveting story with action-movie-like pacing.

When seasoned and likeable pilot Captain Bill Hoffman tells his wife Carrie goodbye and heads off to command a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, with 143 passengers aboard, he has no idea that danger awaits him in the cockpit and in his pleasant middle-class home.

No idea that the internet repair guy, who showed up at their door minutes before Captain Hoffman left for his flight, isn’t who he passes himself off to be. That in actuality, the man will turn the couple’s ordinary day into a nightmare by strapping Carrie into a suicide vest and threatening the lives of their 10-year-old son and infant daughter.

Captain Hoffman doesn’t find out this out until he’s skyward and in imminent danger himself, as is his crew, and every soul on the airliner. There are people on board the jet who are connected with the terrorist in Captain Hoffman’s home, but who are they—that’s for readers to find out—and it doesn’t take long because this addictive read keeps the pages flying.

Suffice it to say that Captain Hoffman is held hostage in the cockpit, not just physically but mentally, as he faces no-win choices that demand heart-throbbing, split-second decisions. If he doesn’t crash the jet, his family will die.

“Falling” is novel blockbuster you won’t want to miss—but perhaps you might if you’re taking a flight.

Be advised: save this one for your destination.

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