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"Falling Out of Time" | Reviewed by Alayna Rives

In “Falling Out of Time,” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, life in 2193 is perfect. There are insta–closets that order whatever you want to wear instantly, along with insta-ovens. Nobody dies at an early age. And if you need something, Sirilexagoogle can provide you with just about anything. You can visit anywhere or anyone with VR, and it’s like you are in the same room. Classes include students from all over the world, with people who have the same learning patterns. It’s perfect. What could go wrong?

Zola Keyser has been hearing it all her life from the adults. “You’re so lucky.” And she believes it, of course. Watching history in VR about how people fought in wars, walked to school through blizzards, and had imperfect Medicare, Zola feels like it is a whole other world. She’s never known anything different.

However, just like many other things that are “perfect,” the world turns out to not be. The imperfect starts with a mysterious note in her insta-closet, and with it Zola begins to learn the truth about her “perfect” world. One thing leads to another, as another leads to the next. Zola finds herself caught up in things she never dreamed of as she learns dangerous secrets and uncovers courage she didn’t know she had. Zola soon learns she isn’t in a VR scene, that this is reality and the answer is not as clear.

Journey with Zola, as she adventures on and learns more about herself and the world around her. Learn how even a “perfect world” can have its flaws, and venture with Zola as she finds it out herself.

If you’re Looking for an exciting, edge-of-your-seat book? Then “Falling out of Time” might be the book for you!

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