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"Expiration Dates" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"Expiration Dates," by Rebecca Serle, is a book that will both break your heart and put it back together. This must-read is from the author of "In Five Years" and "One Italian Summer." 

  How do you take a chance on love if you know from there very beginning that it will never last? That is what Daphne, the main character, has asked herself for over 20 years.

Every time Daphne starts a new relationship, she receives a mysterious piece of paper that tells her exactly how long the relationship will last. But one day, the foretelling changes. When Daphne goes on a blind date, the paper only has the name "Jake" and there is no expiration date. Has she finally found the one? Has she given these mysterious papers too much control over her life? 

As the story evolves, readers get a glimpse at Daphne's previous relationships, both long and short. Also included is her romance with Hugo, her once-lover and now best friend. Readers also learn that Daphne has secrets that go far beyond the mysterious papers she receives.

"Expiration Dates" is a book that will touch your heart, while also keeping you guessing. It is such a beautiful story. 

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