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"And Yet, Poems" | Reviewed by Carson Mowery

Following the publication of her first collection of poems, “What Kind of Woman,” Kate Baer has become a beloved poet whose writing tackles motherhood, love, friendship, womanhood, grief, and so much more.

Many of us may still find ourselves warily peeking out from behind a curtain of anxiety following the past 2 ½ years. However, Baer’s newest collection, “And Yet,” yanks the curtain back and illuminates the answer to perhaps our most fearful question: was it just me?

Baer’s poems stand with you in solidarity, whether you’re a person exhausted from simply existing on the internet, a worn-out mother, a human reeling from loss, and more.

To read Baer’s newest poems is to know the comfort of a friend who sits with you during your darkest times. As Baer shines the light on our fear, she reminds us that, amid great uncertainty, there is still so much to enjoy in this life, and that we never have to do it alone.

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