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"Amelia Unabridged," | Reviewed by Amber Glastetter

“Amelia Unabridged,” by Ashley Schumacher, is one of the most enchanting books I’ve ever read. I could imagine every second of the novel as clearly as if I was looking through Amelia’s eyes. The magic that wove itself through the words seemed to jump off the pages and nestle directly in my heart.

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Griffin is unsure where her story is headed after the sudden death of her best friend, Jenna. Then, only a week before she’s supposed to set off and follow Jenna’s meticulous life plan for her, Amelia receives a special edition of her favorite book, a magical story that brought Amelia and Jenna together in the first place.

With the support of Jenna’s parents, Amelia sets out to the small Michigan town the book was sent from in the hopes of glimpsing one last piece of her best friend.

Amelia's story is one of wonder, imagination, and intrigue. As she imagines whales floating through trees, clever winds that she believes are pushing her adventure along, and an invisible string that tethers her to a new life, Amelia learns who she really wants to be.

With the help of a rowdy dog racing through busy bookstore halls and its owner, the enigmatic author of her most beloved books, Amelia soon discovers an ending as heartrendingly beautiful as it is sweetly nostalgic.

Schumacher’s book brought back feelings of my younger days; reading about magic, whimsy and fate. Experiencing this story was like reading every book I’ve ever loved, all coming together in one place.

“Amelia Unabridged” was a gift I never imagined receiving and I’m convinced it will blast through its audience, leaving its readers certain they’ll never read anything as good, ever again.

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